Monday, August 2, 2010

A Day At The Movies

Me and Momma at my Bridal Shower
June 6, 1975

When you think of your life, do you see a movie or perhaps a slide show of the years gone by?  I do.  It's a most precious time to see faces I haven't seen in a long while, to hear voices I haven't heard, and to remember experiences that brought both great joy and sometimes, great pain.

Yesterday was Momma's 71st birthday.  I haven't spent a birthday with Momma since 2005, but yesterday the movie that played in my mind throughout the day was as if she was here with us again.  I thought of things I haven't recalled in years and saw pictures of her in my mind that I haven't seen in longer than I care to remember.  I heard her sweet voice talking to us and singing as she used to do at church and around the house.  As clearly as if she were sitting beside me, I heard her calling my name and saw the smile on her beautiful face and heard her infectious laugh.

Yep, my time at the movies was precious yesterday.  I sure hope for a re-run from time to time; it is a movie I love and never tire of seeing.

Momma, ca. 1990's