Saturday, March 31, 2012

And so I walk...........

I stood at my kitchen window this morning just before dawn and looked out over the pastures and wooded areas surrounding my house.  A heavy fog lay over the hills and valleys and drifted off into the woods making it's way on across the woods to the high bluffs along the Hatchie River.

As I stood there watching the mist settling in, or 'laying sot' as my Maw McDonald would have said, I thought what a blessing it is to stand in audience as the Creator God of the Universe displays His pallet before me. 

Terry and I once received great pleasure in visiting galleries to observe the works of artisans in various mediums.  We walked and looked for hours and then spent additional hours sitting in a restaurant talking about the works that impressed us the most and why they did so.  Yet, in all those works, nothing could compare to the works of God in His creation.

Dawn arrived and the mist scattered.  The overcast skies foretold a day of what many would call 'gloom'.  I don't see overcast days as gloomy, I see them as a time to work quietly and take joy in my tasks.  I don't see rainy days as dreary; I see them as a time of washing and renewal.  How many times have you walked among the grassy hills or wooded areas after a rain and thought about, or even commented on, how new and fresh everything felt, looked, smelled?

So it is with the rainy days of our spirit.  I've had a few of those lately.  Things seemed bleak and dreary, as though the clouds and the mists of sadness had 'sot' on my spirit.  Then, a beautiful rainy day with overcast skies comes along and the Lord reminds me that it is a time of renewing for my spirit. A time of reflection and quiet contemplation for me to draw in to Him and rest in His provision.

In my mind I take a walk through my own hills, valleys and wooded areas and rehearse the many ways in which the Lord has carried me right up to that bluff, but never across that river.  My time of crossing that river will come at the day He appointed.  Until then, He reminds me of His love and provision for me and my need for Him.  So often, I'm not a good companion of the Lord.  I'm unfaithful in my thoughts, unfaithful with the way I use my time, unfaithful in the places I allow my heart and emotions to take me, so fickle when He has given only His best for me.

No Scripture quotations today.  From Genesis 1:1 to Revelations 22:1, the entirety of Scripture teaches me and guides me to that intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Each verse encourages me to remain faithful and be fruitful, to grow in the Lord, to know He loves me and will walk with me every step of the way, sometimes even carrying me when I cannot walk.

And, so I walk.........IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL!