Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Daddy's Home!

Van Patterson McDonald
Nov. 4, 1932 - Sept. 20, 2011

One week ago my family and I said "See you later" to my Daddy.  He had suffered for many years with C.O.P.D. and had become very ill.  He had been in Hospice care since this past January.  We knew the time was soon, but it always seems to come before we are prepared.

Daddy's home going was so peaceful.  There was no gasping for breathe, not even very labored breathing.  He was peaceful right up until his last breath.  We had been so concerned about the time of his dying because the doctors had been very straight-forward about how hard the dying could be for someone with his illness.  We prayed that he would not suffer.  God answered our prayers and Daddy suffered very little as he left his mortal body behind and crossed into his eternal rest with the Lord.

As we stood at his bedside, we were sad; but more than that, we were happy for him because he now sits at the feet of our Lord and has joined Momma and our baby sister, as well as other family members who have gone on before him.  Perfect peace entered the room the minute the Lord came for him.  What a blessing to have been witness to that moment.

He was a precious Daddy, a loving husband to my Momma until the day she went home, a caring brother and a courageous saint who was dearly loved by his church.  He left a legacy of love for the Lord and his family.  We will miss him in the days that lie ahead, but we eagerly await that day when we will see him again. 

One of the most precious memories of this time will be my little 4 year old grand-niece who asked repeatedly to lie beside Papaw Mac in his bed.  We would lay her beside Daddy.  She would lay her head on his chest and reach her little arms up and around his neck and kiss his face.  She would say "I love you, Papaw Mac".  Even at the funeral home, she could not be calmed until she had kissed his face and told him she loved him.

Our entire family was in and out during the weekend prior to his passing.  We all spent time at his bedside and treasured the blessing of being there.  His youngest grandson is in AIT in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO and could not get leave to come home for the funeral.  His heart was broken and our hearts were broken for him.

We are now back to our 'normal life', whatever that is.  We move forward knowing Daddy is where his heart has longed to be since the day Momma left us.  He now can run up and down the streets of glory with as much air in his lungs when he stops as when he started.  That is precious to those of us who have witnessed his progressive illness taking him from us in small steps along the way.

We love you Daddy.  We will always miss you but we will see you again!

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.

Psalm 116:15  (KJV)


Mrs. Mac said...

A lovely tribute to your dad, Diane. May he rest in peace.


Amrita said...

Dad is happy with His Heavenly Daddy

Janiece said...

thinking of you.