Saturday, June 30, 2012

Earthly Births and Heavenly Home-Goings....

This is a picture of my late husband and his natural Daddy, James Elton (Bob) Chandler, taken in March of 1957 when my husband was 3 years old.  Bob was born on June 30 of either 1923 or 1924, there is great disagreement among family members.  Bob was killed in an automobile accident when Terry was only nine years old.  I never had the privilege of meeting him, but I know he must have been a wonderful man because his son was the best.

This is a picture of my Paw McDonald, James Herbert McDonald, with his dog, Old Rattler.  Paw died on June 30, 1966 at the age of 57.  He farmed during the day and worked a second shift job at the local hide tannery.  He had worked his second shift job at the hide tannery, had driven home, come into the house and placed his lunch box on the kitchen table, turned and walked into the living room and fell dead in the living room floor.

Paw was a wonderful man, whom I loved dearly.  Maw and Paw had only sons.  When Daddy married Momma, she was special to them because she was the first female member of their family.  When Momma gave birth to me, I was spoiled from Day One!  They loved me and spoiled me unashamedly!  If I wanted anything and it was in their power to give it to me, all I had to do was ask and it was mine.

Two very important men in my I never knew and one I barely knew.  Yet, those men became the fathers of the two most important men in my life, my late husband and my Daddy.  The two men never knew each other, yet their lives connected in their sons, who became the cornerstones of my life.  God is simply amazing in His ways and how He works in our lives!

"For I know the plans I have for you,”
says the Lord.
“They are plans for good and not for disaster,
to give you a future and a hope."

Jerimiah 29:11

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Felisol said...

Dear Diane,
You have gone through heavy losses in your life, yet you manage to praise the Lord for the men they were.
I kind of knew your Terry, but not his father. Like you said, he must have been a great role model.Mr. James Elton Chandler is so very much alive and All American Guy looking in this picture.
One wonders how can a son cope with such a loss.
Well, he did, we all know that. He became your precious Terry.

Your grandfather is looking equally good and strong.
There are so many whys, but you see some of the answers already. They raised good families, they didn't bury their talents, but used them to create a better life for the coming generations.
Blessed be their memories.