Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Are You Ready For Some......IDIOCY?!

Just a few observations here.  First of all, I don't like professional sports.  No man or woman on earth is worth what those people get paid.  Secondly, I don't like college sports.  Multiple millions of dollars are poured into schools to support a sports program.  I wonder how much the library gets, or the chem labs, or the computer labs, etc., etc.....Thirdly, I don't like reading the events of the game play-by-play on my Facebook feed.  I couldn't care less who is playing and/or winning.  It's a GAME folks, a GAME!

Back during the election season, I was posting often regarding political facts and figures and/or attitudes or candidates I support.  I got so many remarks about how folks couldn't wait for it to all be over and all the political stuff would be off Facebook.   Really? And it's better that we spend our time screaming and taunting our loved ones, friends and neighbors over a GAME?!

Policemen, firemen, emergency response personnel, military personnel and others, like teachers, place their lives on the line every day and make minuscule salaries when compared to the money thrown away in sports.  Coaches are courted, paid ridiculous salaries and staffs of their own choosing to teach young men how to play a game.  I wonder how much the science professors are making?  Or, how about the librarian or sociology professors?  I can guarantee it is laughable when compared to those coaches.

Young men and women involved in sports are pampered through college so they can meet the guidelines and play the game.  No worry about an education, just keep 'em in the game!  They are spoiled with all kinds of things.  Oh no, you say, that's illegal!  Oh yes, of course it is.  (wink, wink!) 

If you are a great sports fan, please don't be offended; that is not my intent.  I'm just speaking my mind and living my life.  Feel free to do the same...on your own blog and not in my Comments section! 

You say, it's just clean entertainment.  Really?  So, tell me wives and/or significant others, how are those Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders lookin to you today?!  Personally, I think Victoria sold them her secret and now they're displaying it for free for the whole world to see!

Oh, and how about those guys in the very tight---tights (?), I'm honestly not sure you could call them pants.  Thank the Lord for those cups or we'd all be gettin a show that I'm sure most of us didn't bargain for!

And, how about the biased rules and regulations?  A nice young Christian man drops to one knee to whisper a quick prayer of thanksgiving to his God and he's crossing the line of separation between church and state or he offends John Q. Public.  However, another seemingly nice enough young man sports hair down his back and gets fouls called on his opponents when they grab a handful, even if by accident.  Put the stuff under your helmet if you don't want your hair pulled!  Or better yet, visit the barber!

Now, here's my personal favorite.  Several men dressed in official uniforms run up and down the field to make judgements regarding the rules.  One group of young men pounce upon another landing in a big heap.  All of a sudden, whistles are going off in every direction and yellow rags are thrown hither and yon.  Somebody gets penalized and we're off again.  This time the pile up looks just like the one before, yet there are no whistles or yellow rags.  What's up with that?!

So, there's my pile of opinions on professional and/or college sports.  For what it's worth!  Perhaps they are all Christians and are only trying to obey the Lord as He speaks in Amos 5:14a; ya think?!

Do what is good and run from evil so that you may live!
Amos 5:14a    (NLT)


Becky said...


Mrs.N said...

Dear Sister, I could not agree MORE with this post! We don't have football here in Japan THANK THE LORD. I can't STAND it! It's the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my life-a total waste of time and money. Play the game for fun-fine but the billions spent on "professional" sports...that's just obscene to me. Anyhow-I could write a novel on how I feel-! Thanks for this post! I agree with every single word!

Deb said...

lol....now who's making who laugh? Love this post. I'm not a big sports fan, although I don't mind if someone else is a big sports fan. I agree about the money though - far too much for sports and far too little for things which, to me, seem far more important. :)

Pat said...

No one can tell it like you Di! I so agree, especially about the money they pay these people. something is askew in this world about what important.
Priorities people!!!

Trish said...

Preach it sister! Big hugs.

Mrs. Mac said...

Thank you for 'splaining it all to me cuz I'm so bored when the Mr. has a game on the TV, I had no idea that's all going on. (LOL)