Monday, July 6, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday

I am so excited to be participating in Take Me Back Tuesday again this week! I love sharing my old family photos and I love seeing other's as well. Drop in on Kari at A Giveaway Addicted Mommy and check out others who are sharing their photographic memories!

I am posting a series of photos today of me from when I was about 16-17 years old. It was about this time that I really began to have issues with my digestive system. I have always carried a few extra pounds. During this time frame, I began to notice that I was having huge fluctuations in my size. My weight didn't change that much, but my size changed dramatically almost from day to day and sometimes from hour to hour. Little did I know what those symptoms would finally lead to.

The surgery coming up on this Friday will replace a gastric stimulator for which the battery pack has died. The stimulator works somewhat like a cardiac pacemaker in that it provides electrical stimulation to the vagus nerve in my stomach muscle to encourage my stomach to empty it's contents. When the stimulator isn't working, I am constantly nauseated and throw up numerous (15-20) times daily and suffer from malnutrition, although I continue to carry extra weight. The bloating continues to be a constant problem.

This is me on August 4, 1974. It's not a great picture, but maybe you can get the idea anyway! This pictures was taken by Terry when we were at the lake one Saturday afternoon. I was 16 and was actually at a pretty good weight and size at this time.

This picture was taken in my front yard on the same afternoon. I'm not really sure why I included this one, other than I just like to look at pictures of us when we were so young and in love!!!!

Here I am at 17. Momma took this picture in our back yard on May 10, 1975 when we were taking pictures to publish with our wedding announcement. You can see that my waist is a relatively good size, but above my waist is bloated on this day.
This is May 18, 1975 following my high school Baccalaureate ceremony. This is me and my best friend from high school, Marcia. Note how bloated I am in this picture. This is only a week later that the picture above. I might note I had also just discovered on this morning that I had scarlet fever, which some doctors say contributes to my disorder.

This is my high school graduation night, May 19, 1975, only one night later. Notice that I am now my normal size again. Even when looking at my body shape in this gown, you can see my size is smaller than the night before.

This is us on our wedding night, June 14, 1975. I was just a bit bloated that night. Stress seems to exacerbate the problem at times.

So, there are you are. I think these pictures pretty well document the problem AND serve as a good TMBT post as well! I hope you enjoyed my pictures. I guess I'm just vain, but I sure enjoy sharing them with you all!


Whimsical Creations said...

What wonderful pictures!

It's wild when we look back what we remember or how we conical things going on in our lives.

LT said...

I love the walk down memory lane! Very nice photos!
I hope things go well for you on Friday so you start feeling better, you will be in our prayers!

bj said...

You aren't vain at all, dear one. I think we all like looking back a bit.
xo bj

Pat said...

What wonderful pictures, I really enjoyed how you explained each one, I felt like I knew you, "back when"! Isn't is amazing how in hind sight, which is always 2O/2O, we can see things so clearly?
I don't consider you vain at all, just a lovely woman who holds dearly the life God gave her and all the love along the way.
I pray that your surgery goes smoothly and you have a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

wow, had no idea about your Sfever.... you are still gorgeous.. crazy what our bodies go through though, that is just nuts

thanks for sharing these stories and pictures, I really do enjoy looking/reading about them.

Trish said...

Such beautiful memories of youth and young love. Not vanity...just looking back at a gorgeous starry eyed girl! Praying for you my friend as you surgery draws near...I will be there in thought!

Samantha said...

Love all of the beautiful pictures !
Praying for you dear Diane as the surgery draws near, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love you !!

Denise said...

Beautiful pictures Diane! Prayers for an easy surgery & quick recovery. I hope you feel much better soon.

Tranquility said...

That was a very interesting walk down your memory lane! Beautiful photos. I could see the bloating you talked about, but only when pointed out. Mostly I just saw a beautiful young girl in love. :)

Lori said...

Hey Diane! I am sorry you're facing surgery, but it's obviously something you need! I hope you'll have help when you come home from the hospital.
Loved looking at the pictures. Love those bell bottom pants! :) Isn't it funny to look back at old photos?
Take good care of yourself, Diane! Praying all goes well and recovery is FAST! :)

Janiece said...

what fun pictures...

Isn't modern medicine amazing!
Only the best as you get your "battery" replaced.

NateAndJakesMom said...

Bloated or not (frankly I don't see it) you are beautiful and just seem to radiate goodness and happiness.

You can get so lost on your blog lookin at your old pictures and family stories.

I will be praying for you!!

Angela said...

What a beautiful girl you were when you were 16!

I sure hope that you have a speedy recovery from your surgery!


Montee said...

I love those beautiful pictures and y'all were such a cute couple. I do not notice a bit of bloating. I have my reading glasses on too, still don't see it.

Constance said...

I truly appreciate your situation since I live with a life-changing disease as well. I look back at pics of Dave and I and we were so young, although we were 26 & 31 when we married! I read your previous post (trying to play catch up since being gone to MO) and I have to say that I find myself savoring special moments with Dave. I try and soak in all of the details and find myself wondering if there will come a time when that's all that I'll have left. I hate thinking that way but I do. Praying for your surgery this Friday. If I was there I'd drive you to the hospital, pray with you and then dote on you once you're back home again!
Hugs my new friend!

Pam said...

Praying for you and your upcoming surgery. I think you look beautiful in your pictures!