Monday, June 7, 2010

Who was/is Riley?????

I have no idea who Riley was, but Momma was always asking me "Do you think you're living the life of Riley around here"?!

That was her response when I complained about doing what I was told to do or perform my chores as required.  Sometimes I wonder if my life was really just a lot different from others?  I mean, we had chores every day in addition to those things Momma and/or Daddy would just come up with off hand.  We were expected to keep our own rooms clean, as well as help with the entire house, the yard, the garden AND the farm animals!  Imagine that!

We knew we had best do our homework or there would be consequences...I mean, REAL consequences like lost privileges, a real good 'talking to' or maybe even a lash or two with a limb or a belt.  And, oh my goodness, I would have never dreamed of talking back to my parents!  The ONE way to guarantee a whipping was to talk back.  No warnings, no 'talking to', no nothing....just get ready to feel that limb or belt wrapping around those bare legs!

I marvel that I had to work at my own home, do my chores, mow the grass, help in the garden, help with the farm animals when Daddy needed it, do my homework and do all with a respectful attitude toward my parents.  If not, I would be punished, more often than not with that limb or belt!  Gosh!  And I turned out pretty ok, I think!  How did that happen?  Am I not supposed to be scared for life by being 'hit' by my parents?  Shouldn't I have a wounded psyche from all that work and expectations?  How did I manage to grow up, dare I say it, normal?!

I am so weary of hearing whining parents complaining that they cannot control their children.  I get so frustrated hearing kids and teens complaining of being 'bored' while Moms and Dads complain of having too much to do.  I'll tell you one thing for sure, I knew better than to let my parents hear me say I was bored!  They would have found something for me to do very quickly!  And, they didn't mind making it my responsibility to help with household chores so everyone could sit down together after supper to watch a little TV before bedtime.

I don't know, I guess I'm just OLD.  I don't understand the way things are done in families these days.  We didn't have the perfect family, far from it.  But, we managed to grow up to be well adjusted women who love the Lord, our parents and our families so Momma and Daddy must have done something right.  Don't you think?!

A refusal to correct is a refusal to love;
love your children by disciplining them.

 Proverbs 13.24  (The Message)


Trish said...

Another great post! We got our bottoms spanked! Not often, but I knew when to shut my mouth and do as was expected of me...there were no time outs or threats over and over and over! Big Hugs...

Constance said...

I hear you sister! My Mother wore out mny butt with a wooden spoon and I cherish that woman today!!

if our kids neeed a spanking, they got one! When parents are too busy trying to be their kids best friend it goes upside-down. Trust me, your kids don't want YOU for their best friend, it's embarassing! They want and need a parent, boundaries, security, stability...The best part, when they grow up, then the relationship is even sweeter! My girls are my peers now and yet they respect me as their Mom. I still hold wisdom (sometimes I have to wonder though) and comfort for them but i have been able to get Godly wisdom from THEM!

Pat said...

Don't even get me started on this subject! I have a hard time adjusting to today's parenting methods. Neither I nor my children required correcting by much spanking...there was enough respect for the position of being a parent not to require it.
Today, kids rule...not good.