Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Distressing News

Today I learned some very distressing news. I learned that a couple I have known for years, and who have been so special to me in my spiritual development, have seperated. They were married before us and have children and grandchildren. All very precious people whom we have loved for so very long and whom we still love. People who loved the Lord Jesus and served Him humbly. I just cannot understand what is going on here. What happens in a couple's life that they can walk away from each other after so many years and so many memories together? I feel so disappointed and let down, yet I know that the failure was not in my Lord, rather it is in the hearts of those who disobey Him. Please pray for this precious family. I know each one is hurting in their own way. I cannot believe that either partner is truly happy at this point. I don't know the particulars, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that they realize their sinfulness and confess their sin before the Lord and each other. I know the Lord can and will mend their marriage if only they will allow Him to do so. They have precious children and grandchildren who need their family to be whole again. As I understand it, it is he who left her and has moved across country and discontinued all contact with his family. I pray he will come to realize that he cannot outrun the conviction of the Holy Spirit and he must return to his family if he ever expects to have peace again. Please pray especially for her as I am sure she is devastated by this. Satan is alive and well and attacking Christians more powerfully than ever before. He knows his days are numbered and he's trying to make the most of what time he has left. We need to strengthen our spiritual armor so that we may be able to stand against him. Our God is able and can do exceedingly above anything that we can ask. Our only limitation in this warfare with Satan is our lack of faith. As Christians, we must be diligent about our walk with God and about keeping ourselves prepared for battle at any and every given moment in time. Please pray with me for restoration of this family and the marriage of these two lovely people. God is able, I pray they are willing.


BillyBob said...

I love your blog. It is a great idea.! Bless you, hun. Love, Bobby, not the liver

The Raggedy Girl said...

I will pray for your friends. I too can't understand when people have a lifetime of marriage behind them how they can walk away.