Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wow! Must Have Surely Been From God!

This link shows how 'time appropriate' God is!  It seems our President has now instructed the Attorney General no longer to use the resources of the Justice Dept. to defend the Marriage Defense Act.  God help us.


Trish said...

This world has gone crazy...TV shows are full of Gay and Lesbian couples so it is making them seem normal! I myself refuse to watch a show or movie that has them in the story line. But I know those who do because they say the the show's are just so funny. I don't think God is laughing though.
Now, I will step down off my soap box...I have to answer for me and surely don't want to judge others.

Diane said...

You're right Trish, and it's no better with adultery, fornication, thieves, murderers, rapists and all kinds of immorality. I'm to the point that I enjoy very, very little that comes on TV anymore. I was so thankful when The Waltons reruns started playing on the Inspiration Network!

Thanks for dropping by and for leaving a comment. I'm kind of excited about getting back into my blog and those of my friends as well! Will be visiting you soon!