Thursday, January 22, 2009

Resting At Last

I am so relieved to tell you that Terry is now settled in his hospital bed! It is such a great relief for me. Not only is he more secure there, but it is so much easier for me to care for him there. The move highly agitated him, but I gave him the second dose of Haldol and he has settled down and is sleeping. Also, he was able to empty his bladder, which is a huge success and means we can delay the Foley for a bit longer. I spoke with our nurse and her CNA. They have decided to wait until tomorrow to come unless I need them before then. I have had no sleep whatsoever and Ms. Gladys is due to arrive around Noon.

Also, I walked into my Utility Room earlier to find a floor full of water! My hot water heater has busted and basically emptied into the floor. The plumber has been here, but needed something more than what he had on his truck, so has now gone to pick up the part he needs and will return to complete the repair. So, I'm thinking sleep is out of the question until at least after Ms. Gladys leaves later this afternoon. Oh to be 30 again when I could sit up all night and work all day for several days in a row! Once the water heater is fixed, I still have to deal with the mess.

I will update as circumstances warrant. Thank you all for praying. I feel the effects of your prayers!


The Raggedy Girl said...

Isn't there someone who could come for a couple of hours and let you sleep. How about a home health aide? I know our small community has such businesses and will send a CNA out to sit with Terry and give you a break. You need to get some sleep.
Roberta Anne

bj said...

Hi, girlfriend, I thought of you and prayed for you and your hubby off and on all night. I am a light sleeper sometimes..especially if I have something heavy on my mind. I kept waking up with prayers for you and for my grandson...
So glad you have him in bed now...
Hope you can get some sleep soon...
love, bj

Anonymous said...

Keeping you in prayer!

Joy's Pam said...

I'm praying for you and Terry.

Peace dear sister!