Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thrusday Evening, Jan. 22 Update

"And the evening and the morning were the first day." Genesis, Holy Bible

And so it is that the first day is drawing to an end. The first day of the next step in Terry's journey home. He is in his hospital bed and resting, although not very peacefully. He moans a lot and mumbles as though he is speaking to someone unseen to me. He laughs as though this unseen person and he have enjoyed a wonderful funny story together. I can't' help but wonder who he's enjoying so much?

Perhaps it's his maternal grandfather, or 'Big Joe' as he has always called him. Or, it could be my paternal grandmother, Maw McDonald, whom he loved so dearly and never tired of 'joshing' with, as Maw would say. It could be Momma, who would always call our house, he would answer the phone and she'd ask "What are ya up to?" and he would answer "Oh, about six feet!" Then they'd both laugh, every time for years! Whomever it is, they are having a grand old time!

The hot water heater was a complete loss, so I now have a brand, spanking new hot water heater. Good heavens, do you know how much those things cost now?! I guess, when you think about life without hot water, it sort of makes it worth it though? Now, if I can just get the mess all cleaned up and everything back in it's place, we'll be in the money. But, I'm not worrying about all that tonight. The water has been mopped up and the wet towels are soaking overnight. I will deal with the remainder tomorrow. And you know what they say, if tomorrow never comes...............

Terry's cousin, Tracy, brought Ms. Gladys out this afternoon. She was able to stay for a bit over three hours. Terry was able to tell her he loved her, which was all she had hoped for. It was difficult for her, but she was so pleased just to sit in the same room with him. We talked about how fast Terry was getting weaker. She told me that, if there was time for her to get here, she would like to be here with him when he passes. I promised her that I would do my best to get word to Tracy to bring her out if there was enough time. She is content with that.

When I started writing this post at around 5 p.m., Terry was doing fairly well. About 8:30, he began to show signs of a change in his breathing patterns and seemingly struggling with fluid collecting in the back of his throat. I called the Hospice On-Call and she directed me as to what to give him from the Comfort Kit and also is having oxygen delivered. The driver has already called saying he was on the way with the oxygen and should be here within the next 15 minutes.

Terry's breathing patterns seem to be changing quickly now. He has periods of a seemed easing of the struggle, followed by periods of struggling and having a guttural, gurgling sound to his breathing. I have had to raise the head of his bed to a significant degree in order to assist his breathing. I have to go back and forth and change positions in order to keep him breathing more comfortably. At this particular moment, he is breathing somewhat easier, but is returning to the guttural moaning and gurgling sounds.

I will post again in the morning. Please pray for rest for both Terry and me. Pray for his breathing to be eased and for the secretions to continue to be controlled by the meds. But most of all, pray for the Lord's will in everything that transpires throughout the night.


Joy's Pam said...


The gates are opening for Terry. Jesus will get up off the throne and come to him and greet him. You are so brave to walk him to the gates. Lord bless you!!!! Praying for you both.


Anonymous said...

Praying for both of you Di.. love you..

The Raggedy Girl said...

Prayers being said for you and Terry. Glad his Mom's visit went so well, that was answered prayer!
Roberta Anne