Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday's Favorite Family Foto

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This week, I am displaying a picture to continue some of family genealogy. Please excuse the quality of the photo, as it is about a century old.

The Dave Atkinson Family, ca. 1900
Standing, L-R: Ollie D., Joseph Tid, Nellie Jane, Susie Evaline
Sitting: David James and Elizabeth Rachel

My last Friday's Favorite Family Foto offering was a picture of my Great, Great-Grandfather, David James Atkinson. The above photo is of his family, or at least of his surviving family. I would like to focus this week on my Great, Great-Grandmother.

Elizabeth Rachel Smith was born March 29, 1849 in Tippah Co., MS, the daughter of David James Smith of North Carolina and Caroline Unknown-Smith of Tennessee. She was the second of five known children of the couple.

In January of 1868, Elizabeth Rachel wed David James Atkinson in Mississippi, most likely Tippah Co., MS. I have not been able to prove the county of marriage by courthouse records, but know the marriage was indeed in Mississippi from notes in the Family Bible kept by my Great, Great-Grandfather. Since both families were living within Tippah Co. during that time, I think it is safe to assume the marriage was in Tippah Co. as well.

The 1870 Census of Tippah Co., MS shows Dave and his wife, E. J. By 1900, they have migrated into Hardeman Co., TN and she is now listed as R. J. In 1910, the Hardeman Co., TN census lists her as simply Jane, which is the name she was commonly known by.

Jane gave birth to eight children, although the first four died prior to 1900 and the occasion of this family photo. The four surviving children listed above are Uncle Tid, Aunt Susie, Aunt Ollie and my Great-Grandmother, Nellie Jane.

It is believed by some family researchers that Elizabeth Rachel (Jane) Smith was actually born to a Davis couple who were killed shortly after her birth in a wagon train accident while in transit to Missouri. The Smith family were among the people traveling in the wagon train and took Jane in and raised her as one of their own children. The Smith's subsequently returned to Mississippi.

This would explain why my Grandmother had always told me her Grandma Atkinson was a Davis but her younger brother, Ralph, had told a cousin that Jane's maiden name was Smith. Since I have been unable to locate the marriage records, I cannot confirm her maiden name to my own satisfaction. I tend to believe that it was in fact Davis. I base this upon the fact that my Grandmother named several Davis families in Hardeman County that we were related to as a consequence of her Grandma Atkinson's lineage.

Jane spent a lot of time alone with her children on their small Tennessee farm as a consequence of her husband's ministry travels. My Grandmother always told stories of how hard she worked and how everyone always thought she was such a quiet and humble woman.

Jane went to meet the Lord on December 29, 1912. She died peacefully at the family home near Pocahontas in Hardeman Co., TN. Because she died less than two years after my Grandmother's birth, I never got to know as much about her as my Great, Great-Grandfather.

I hope you have enjoyed my submission for this week.
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Keetha said...

Hi Di - - -

I came, I saw, I commented!

Lori said...

I just love reading about family history. I find it so interesting!!

Hope all is well with you and your family, Diane. Thinking about your Dad and hoping he's better.

Have a wonderful day!

Constance said...

I have been busy and haven't done a Genealogy post on my other blog yet for this week. Maybe I will find the time over the weekend. We'll see...lots of "to do" things before Graduation a week from today!

I can see where you get your strength from! I feel the same way when I look at my old family pictures. I see the lines worn into tired, hard-working faces and realize that I come from "good stock". It's no different for you! I think of My GGG Grandma Nicey Jane that I wrote about: Widowed because of the Civil War, raising 6 kids, remarrying, having twins and widowed again! Some things you just can't help but wonder at how a person can bare so much trial and sorrow? Strength for the day...

ClassyChassy said...

What a nice post - I enjoyed reading the history... It's great that you know as much as you do about them. So many things are lost in time.

Busy Grandma Elsie said...

Diane, Stopping by to check on you today. Got a busy weekend coming up. Love your family history but have never tried finding much about mine. I knew my G Grandmother But didn't' ask enough questions. Hope your Dad is feeling well now too. Blessing for your day
Elsie <><

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I so love family history, but mainly love the kind with stories and not just dates, it let's you dream and wonder more about the folks you are learning about.
Thanks for sharing, this was so interesting.

The Raggedy Girl said...

You really have a lot of information. I am impressed.

The Raggedy Girl

jeanne said...

Diane, I have enjoyed following your family history so much. Your stories are well written and interesting. The old photo is a terrific treasure.

Have a happy day.


Sue said...

Such great photos with the history to them as well. I'm jealous. I've got a lot of old photos missing the family history behind them. Thanks for the stories.


Samantha said...

Such a wonderful picture, I always love reading your geneology posts.
What a treasure to have the pictures and the stories behind them.
Love you !!

Anonymous said...

very very cool photo! love the story too. I can't imagine having that many children pass away... what a tough life physically they led back then :(

thanks for these pictures.

Trish said...

Your family background is a lot like my own...hardworking, country folk.
I so love reading these posts!
Have a blessed weekend, sweet friend.

Pam said...

Your family history is so interesting. Where do you find the geneology records and such?

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

You are lucky to have such old photos of your family. The best part is that you have the stories to go with them!


Diane said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. I have always loved to hear 'family' stories and used to sit for hours listening to my grandparents talking about 'the old days'.

Most of my information is just stories that were told to me by my grandparents or other 'older' relatives. I have done pretty extensive research on the internet as well and have been blessed to find long, lost family members in all corners of the U.S.

They have been so gracious as to share their stories and pictures with me, as well. I haven't spent a lot of time on my research over the last 3 or so years due to Terry's illness and that of my Mom while she was living.

If I can ever get my head back on straight, I look forward to getting back into it. Terry always told me I knew more about dead people than I did about the living! I think he was probably right!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Many hugs............


Denise said...

I love reading about your family's history. I have some old pictures (none as old as yours) but I don't know a lot of the history. Someday I hope to find the time to get into doing geneology research about my family & Hubby's.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I enjoyed your post.Love the old stories.Thank you for your sweet post to my blog Dianne.

Angela said...

Hey Diane!

Now that is a Treasured old photograph! You are so blessed to have it! I love the stories that you have about the family also.

I to have said that I think I know more about the dead than I do of the living in my family. That is sad isn't it!

God Bless!

Kathy @ Real Mom, Real Life said...

So Diane, I have to ask... with all these great photos around, are you also into genealogy?? The only other person I knew that had such great photos like this was my mom -- and she was an avid genealogist. Now I am trying to fill the big shoes she left behind.

These photos are priceless!