Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday

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My submission for this week is a picture of my sweet hubby and his Daddy. This photo was taken in March, 1957; so right about the time Terry turned 3. What a handsome little guy he was!!!!

Terry E. Chandler with his Daddy, James E. (Bob) Chandler
March, 1957
Vildo Road, Bolivar, TN

Terry's natural Dad was killed in an automobile accident on August 5, 1963 when Terry was only 9 years old. He worked as a truck driver for the Tennessee Highway Department. Like most little boys, Terry idolized his Daddy and wanted to be just like him! He spoke many times of having his play trucks, tractors and graders out on the little hill in their front yard. He would scrape the grass off the hillside and build roads and drive his truck just like his Daddy! Can't you just see that precious little boy out there puttering and building his roads?!

Mr. Bob drove the salt truck in the winter so he had to be up and out much before dawn so others could make their way on the hazardous roads. Terry told me about being awake and helping his Daddy get his things together for his day. His Daddy would always scoop him up into his arms just before walking out the door and tell him to be a good boy and take care of his Mom. On that tragic day when his Daddy didn't come home, he took that admonision very much to heart. Until the day he left this world, Terry looked after his Mom.

When his Mom re-married, he was devastated because he thought she had chosen his step-dad over him and his Daddy. He thought it was his job to take care of her because he had promised his Daddy on that fateful morning that he would. It took him many years to get over that. He came to love his step-dad dearly and was heart broken when he died. However, he never really came to terms with his Mom's second marriage until well into his adulthood. I cannot count the many times we prayed together while he worked to forgive his Mom and let the hurt go. I am so very thankful he was finally able to do that.

Today, as I grieve the four month anniversary of his home going, I remember the amazing man he was, faults and all.

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Denise said...

He was such an adorable toddler!! His father's love for him beams through the picture!

(((Hugs))) & prayers for you today Diane.

Trish said...

Oh, Diane I will be thinking of you today and praying. Praying that God will give you happy memories, of the best times in your and your precious Terry's life. Such a sweet picture of he and his Daddy...they are together again.
Love you...Dear Friend,

The Raggedy Girl said...


What a lovely remembrance and four months already. There is that song: Sunrise/Sunset and it says quickly goes the days. . . and it is so true.

The Raggedy Girl

Grandma Blog said...

What a nice memory you have. Don't you sometimes wish that time could stand still in one of those time frames. It can't be so. We have to be constantly bumped and kicked into the next phase. I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end, but it's sure a hard to take at times.

Samantha said...

What a wonderful picture, how adorable Terry is in this picture,
such a happy little guy ! It is
so hard to believe it has been 4 months.
Praying for you today sweet Diane,
Love you !!

Angela said...

Hey Diane!

What a sweet little smile and such an angelic expression on his face.


LT said...

What an absolutely beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing your husband's story. He is such a cutie in that picture and I am sure he loved having that picture of his Father for the memories.
I will be thinking about you and praying that you get through this tough day. (((((Hugs))))

Eighty MPH Mom said...

What a sweet picture - I'm sure he was "Daddy's Boy"...how sad that his daddy was taken from him so early. I was reading through your other posts - I am sorry about Terry. I lost my mom 2 1/2 years ago, and it is so hard. ((hugs)) to you...

Keetha said...

That hubby of yours was a darlin' little boy!!! Hmmmmm - - - 1957 I was FOUR.

Anonymous said...

my father lost his father at 10 yrs old as well...


beautiful pix

Pam said...

What a sweet picture! I can imagine how hard it was for him to accept his new stepfather.
Terry sounds like a wonderful man, faults and all! : )

NateAndJakesMom said...

I just spent over an hour reading some of your past posts and I am heartbroken for your loss and I am so impressed with your strength and character.
I hope today was peaceful for you and that you felt the love that you two certainly continue to share.
Thank you so much for sharing your memories - they have reminded me to appreciate every moment.

Heidi Pocketbook said...

What a sweet picture and story. How awful to lose your dad as a young child, and so honorable of him to take his dad's wishes to heart.

Terry said...

dear diane...this picture has been in my mind a couple of days now of terry and his dad.
it makes me feel sad. i am so glad that when he married you diane that he gained your dad.
i feel sad for you too that it has been four months now that you said so long to him...not good bye because you will see him again...love terry

oma aka meme said...

thank you for sharing this life story- and the picture too. I have had a good week remembering papa hubby. I keep muttering to God about missing him and God sent me here tonight. And yourTerry's/ story blessed my heart. we are the widowsisters-
hugs from Meme

Mrs. Mac said...

Very touching story. There is some type of 'power' in old photographs that can carry you back in time to visit with loved ones that have passed on. Memories that can be tucked away in your heart and be brought back just by opening an album or shoe box stuffed with pics.