Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crossing Over

Today I stand before the river wide,
Looking across to the other side.
My heart races, I flinch in fear,
For I know the time of my crossing is near.

Oh what beauty there awaits,
Shielded behind that great Pearly Gate.
Yet I feel the pangs of fear,
For I have so much to leave here.

Why must I choose; what shall I say;
How can I go, how can I stay?
Am I to know the right play,
How shall I know which way?

Then a clear and angelic voice rings,
Through the air the sweet voice sings.
"Come with me" it calls from before,
Heaven is waiting on that bright shore.

And so I turn back for one last look,
One last glance at their faces I took.
My dear loved ones are left behind,
Their tear-washed faces glisten and shine.

Do they know how hard this is for me?
Do they understand why I leave?
Can they know the joy that awaits
My arrival inside that Pearly Gate?

Dear Lord, please tell them I'm okay.
I'll be waiting for the day
When their sweet faces again I see,
When they cross over to be with me.

What a joyous reunion awaits before,
When we see each other on that far shore.
Reunions are sweet down here below,
But not as sweet as where I go.

No more to be parted, no more pain to bear;
No more tears or suffering, no burden or care.
We'll spend eternity praising our King,
While eternity rolls and the angels sing.

(I am by no means a poetry writer. This was given to me by the Lord just days before my precious husband passed away. We had talked about his desire to go, yet also his longing to stay with me. For perhaps the first time, I understood just how much he loved me; enough to have a difficult time choosing between his heavenly home and his earthly home with me. What a precious blessing to have been loved like that!)


Constance said...

I just recently discovered that you had lost your husband and I am really sorry. I can not imagine that kind of pain if my lost my dear husband. I think it would leave me devastated! I know that God meets our deepest cries of our heart but some things are unimaginable to have to bear. It is a wonderful thing to love someone else so deeply and to be loved so deeply in return!

I read your entry about your dream of Terry recently. It reminded me of when my Beloved Grandmother passed away. I was very close to her, she helped raise me and to this day, I still miss her terribly. About a week after she died, I had a dream about her. She was younger (the age she probably was when I was born), she was smiling, happy and radiant. It made me feel so wonderful and when I woke up, I couldn't get it off of my mind. It was as if she had reassured me that she was unimaginably happy to be in heaven with her Savior and those that she had loved in her earthly life. I knew she was in heaven but it was a comfort for my hurting heart to "see" that for myself!

bj said...

This is a beautiful poem you have written, Diane. Just beautiful...
God is with you, I know, as you start a new chapter in your life now.
xo bj

teakaycee said...

God Bless you my new friend!
you're poem is beautiful!!!
There is so much more I would like to say... but you poem touched my heart so ... with missing my daddy... I need to gather my thoughts better. You have a Wonderfully Blessed day!!!

Joy's Pam said...

Beautiful Diane!

Marie Anne said...

Diane, that's beautiful. It absolutely took my breath away while reading it.

Sweetie said...

Your poem is beautiful - and so true. I also lost my husband recently. We used the term "crossed over" in my mother's, daughter's, and husband's obituaries. "For I know the time of my crossing is near" touched me.

Unknown said...

oh beautiful... touching... I am blessed that I have my husband to take care of me. I dont know what I would do without him.

Debbie said...

Your poem touched my heart so deeply. David also talked to me about how he was so ready to go, but also was torn because he didn't want to leave me. As I told you recently, hon, you have a very special gift for words.
Love, Debbie