Friday, February 27, 2009

Iowa........Part II

Since it's Friday afternoon, I thought I would do a bit of catch-up on my week's activities.

Katie and I went grocery shopping on Monday afternoon while the kids were still in school. We went to a local Mexican restaurant, Cancun, for lunch. I had a beef taquito, minus the guacamole, which was fabulous! I swear the food in this town is wonderful! After lunch, we went to the local HyVee for shopping where Katie found some really good deals. I'm wishing we had a HyVee in TN.

We picked the kids up at school and went for a short drive afterwards. We visited the Stockman house, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for a Dr. and Mrs. Stockman in the 1930's. It has been restored and is now a museum furnished with period pieces and period reproductions. Tours are available May-October, so I didn't get to go inside. I hope to return during the summer and do that.

There is a whole neighborhood here devoted to the Prairie and Usonian schools of architecture. The houses are so simple, yet absolutely gorgeous. I think I am finding this style of home more and more attractive. The unadorned facades and simple lines hold a sort of elegance that is so easily appreciated.

After taking a ride through the Rock Glen neighborhood and enjoying the architecture, we rode through East Park. This town has the best parks for a town of it's size! There are so many facilities available for family fun and outdoor activity. Perhaps it is because they have so little of the year to enjoy outdoor activities. This park has several foot bridges that are so attractive and the settings are so tranquil. They also have a winding bike/hiking trail that is perfect for family outings.

On the way home from the park, we drove by this 'garbage heap' that Katie and I decided was someones interpretation of a work of art. It is actually quite interesting if you take the time to look at all the individual pieces and consider the work it took to put it together. Alix had to have her picture taken cause she LOVES to pose for the camera!

It was now getting dark, so we headed home for dinner, baths, homework and relaxation before bed. Of course, no evening at home would be complete without a little play time! Katie and the kids were having a great time trying to get upstairs!

Well, that's it for Monday! Tuesday was back to work for Katie, so it was me and the animals all alone. We had a relaxing day and everyone stayed in during the evening. It was a good day and evening. A good time to relax and enjoy just being with my family. Will fill you in about the more of the week in the next post.

I'm lovin Iowa! I hope you're lovin where you are!!!! God bless!


Deb said...

Hi Diane,

You continue to be on my heart and in my prayers. I'm so happy to hear that you're having a wonderful time in Iowa visiting your family!

Love those Frank Lloyd Wright buildings!...we live fairly close to the Kaufmann house, Falling Waters - it's lovely....and me being an artist, I've always taken an interest in Wright's architecture. You'll have to travel again when the tour is on so you may visit the Stockman House!

Enjoy your time! Blessings to my new blog friend!

Terry said...

Good Morning Dianne,
I must of fell asleep before you put this good post in and I will have to read it and your Saturday post when we get back from shopping.
I will be looking forward to looking at these Iowan pictures and reading your words..Love Terry

Terry said...

Dear Dianne, Actually I AM loving it where I am.
I am laying here with my lap top on my knees and reading your Iowa posts.
What a time you are having and the best of the whole thing is that not only are you enjoying your family, they are enjoying you.
You are making Iowa sound so much like a place to go.
I often wondered why my sister in law loved it so much that after 25 years of living in Ontario, Canada that she and my brother and two of her kids pulled up stake and headed west!
Where you have been visiting sounds so family orientated!

Well I must move on.
It is Sunday and I should be about now picking up a car full of kids for Sunday School but I have been sick the last two weeks so here I lay having a great time with my lap top.
I just spent a whole hour almost, listening to almost every version there is of "Beulah Land" on You Tube.
How I love that song!
Take care Dianne.....Love Teresa