Friday, February 13, 2009

Flowers For Momma

I'm thinking a lot about Momma today. She has been with the Lord for almost three years now. It seems like so much longer. Momma had her faults, we all do; but she was an amazing woman. She worked outside our home from the time I was about 10, yet she never allowed us or our home to suffer for it. Looking back, I don't how she managed to do all that she did. Maybe that's why she left us much too soon. Maybe she wore her precious body out trying to take care of too many people.

On Valentine's Day, Momma always brought us small hearts filled with chocolates. Long before a man gave me candy, Momma did. It made her so happy to come home on Valentine'e Day with those little chocolate-filled hearts for us! She would always take them and sit them on our pillow so we would find them there when we were getting ready for bed at night. Every year we knew what would be waiting for us, but we dared not go in to find it until bedtime. It would have spoiled our fun and Momma's!

At bedtime, we would get into our pajamas, brush our teeth and head for our beds, knowing what awaited us there. We would throw back our blanket and there they would be......beautiful red or pink shiny foil heart-shaped boxes with big bows tied on them and filled with assorted chcolate delights! We would open them carefully, so as not to spill the candy on the bed and sit looking and try to choose cause we knew we only got one piece! It was, perhaps, the one night a year we were allowed to go to sleep without brushing our teeth being the last task of the day!

When I think of those days, I get misty eyed remembering that feeling of love and acceptance. Those were such happy times, just one of so many Momma and Daddy gave us. So, Happy Valentine's Day, Momma. I love you and I miss you more every day. Because you and Daddy loved me, I have been able to give love to others in my life. Thank you for that priceless gift!


bj said...

Such a sweet tribute to your mom.
I just found the tag about the 6th photo..I am staying with grands this week and am not on my computer. When I get home, tho, I will do this tag...thanks so much for thinking of me.
xo bj

Raggedy Girl said...

How sweet and I love the picture of your Mom and see the resemblance.
Roberta Anne

Marie Anne said...

What a sweet, loving memory. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Constance said...

I am blessed to still have my mother with me. She was a single mom back in the 1960's and I know it was very difficult for her. She came from Germany with my father about a month before I was born. When they divorced, she stayed here in America even though it might have been easier for her to move back where my grandparents were. Everything I am today is because of her love and influence on me. I can't imagine how I will cope when the day comes and she will no longer be, just a phone call away. Like your Valentine hearts, I remember the little things she did for me to show her love for me. I still have a stuffed dog that she gave me one year for Valentine's Day that is stored away in my trunk. My mom lives back home in Missouri and I get to see her next week when I go back for a visit!

The Eppers said...

It is funny the last line of your post. The pastor this morning said in his sermon (based on Exodus 20:12) that our relationship with our parents will affect every other relationship in our lives.
Hmm...boy do I miss Mammaw.

Terry said...

Dear Dianne.
You have such sweet memories of your Mom and it was so nice of you to share them.
I am fortunate to have my Mom still.
Last week she turned 79.
She is frail and weak in body but her spirit is young and full of life.
Because there were so many kids in our family[nine] Mom Golden could never afford to give us candy on Valentines Day,
She couldn't really afford it at Easter either, so what she would do instead is cut a cardboard egg carton into three and make us little "baskets" of home made fudge,
To this day, I always think of that when Easter comes along
You have brought back tender memories to me because of your sharing your Mom.....Love Teresa