Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is the painting 'Iowa Cornfield' by artist Grant Wood. It was painted in 1943.

Well, I am now in Iowa! Wow! I arrived here on this past Saturday. I cannot believe how much this trip has helped my state of mind already! My niece, Katie, and her children, Alix Joy and Jaden, have worked wonders on my mood! Just being here where my surroundings are different and enjoying new things with them has been such a great blessing!

On Sunday afternoon, we went to the local Children's Theater and saw a production of Snow White! It was absolutely fabulous! If you ever visit Mason City, IA, I highly recommend that you visit the Stebens Children's Theater. The young people are so talented. It is an afternoon of pure delight to behold!

After the play, we went to a local Chinese restaurant, Hunan, for dinner. The food was excellent; the atmosphere was friendly and inviting and the company was without compare! We all ate TOO much and had to take a walk around the mall before we could go for dessert! The little mall was so quaint. I found a wonderful country shop I absolutely MUST visit before leaving Mason City! I cannot wait to go in there and browse all their lovely offerings! The kids found every available ride-me-for-a-quarter thingie in the mall and of course, Aunt Di let them ride!

This is the painting 'American Gothic', also by artist Grant Wood. Painted in 1930.

After settling our dinner, we went for ice cream at a local soda fountain, Birdsall's. It was set up like an old fashioned soda fountain, with the stools at the counter and the young man and young lady waiting on customers and making our treats as we watched. I swear, watching them put it all together was half the fun! Of course, the kid's favorite was spinning around on the stools! Made me dizzy just watching!!! But, then again, I'm an old person! I surely don't feel old today though. It's amazing what a little mood lift can do for you!

You would think that would have been enough excitement for one day, but then my niece took me for a driving tour of their town by night. This is the most exquisite little town I have seen in some time! The architecture is amazing; everything from an old building in downtown that has a very definite French flavor, very New Orleans, to an old hotel that is being restored that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright! They have The Music Man square, which I cannot wait to visit in the day light, and beautiful cobblestone styled sidewalks! There is a great park right in the middle of downtown that was just picturesque even at night!

This is a picture of the completed Park Inn Hotel in Mason City. The hotel was desinged by Frank Lloyd Wright.

We then came home to settle in and get the kid's baths. Today was a school day, but my niece is off work on Mondays, so we're going out again in a bit. Even going grocery shopping sounds like fun to me now! I think it's just the company! It's been a long time since I was able to spend any real time with Katie and I'm lovin every single minute of it!

Well, gotta run now. Time to go shopping and exploring! Can't wait to see what we'll run up on today! I'll post later in the week about more adventures. Hope you're all having a wonderful week. God has been so good to me to allow me this time of healing. I am grateful beyond words.


Terry said...

Dear Dianne,
You sound so happy and this is music to the ears of all who love you..
I wish that I was in Iowa.
About ten years ago my brother Teddy and his family moved there.
They live in a little town, called Sumner. It is near to the Cedar Falls area.
We miss him so much!
I guess you must of had good weather for your fun day out with the family.
Continue on spoiling those kids Auntie Di.
We have no kids either and so that is exactly what Auntie Terry and Uncle Bernie do with their 26 nieces and nephews!
Spoil them rotten, eh?
The results of it are not our problem!
I hope you continue to have a good time.
You are a good lady....Love Teresa

Constance said...

Good Morning gentle soul,
I have been thinking of you and I am SO glad to hear that your spirits have been lifted. God always has a way of reminding us of the light and beauty that's all around us. When we are in pain, it's difficult to see it or even remember it! Sometimes a little change of scenery can help us to gain some perspective and be guided by the Holy Spirit. Enjoy your visit to IOWA. I am a mid-west gal, born and raised in Missouri and I LOVE America's Heartland! When we drive from Texas to Ontario we come up I-35 through IOWA and I absolutely love seeing all of the farmland! I miss it living here in Texas.

Pat said...

The way God is healing your soul is a healing to those of us who care. It doesn't matter one bit if we just "met", we are sisters in Christ with a long history in Him.
I'll tell you what, Iowa sounds like my kind of place. How I would love to live somewhere like that. Of course to have such precious family there would be the icing on the cake! Savor every moment..God is good!

barby said...

ohh i am so happy you have having fun, i feel gitty for you!!! dont you just love exploring new places,makes me wanna hit the road and go exploring myself, but i cant so i will travel threw your eyes for now teehee. enjoy yourself my friend,you deserve shop till ya drop :)love you barby

Sweetie said...

How nice! You really needed to get away for awhile. I have always wanted to visit Iowa. My paternal great-grandmother was born in Iowa. I'm glad that you are enjoying your visit. I know that your pain is still new and you have a long journey ahead. I do think, however, that you are traveling in the right direction.

Joy's Pam said...

So happy for you Diane! Your trip sounds wonderful. The Lord is good!! Enjoy!

Love & Hugs!

Anonymous said...

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