Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!


This is my Daddy. It was taken at the restaurant just last evening.
Daddy has been a wonderful 'father', although I could never refer to him by that name!
He has worked hard all of our lives to provide for us and has loved us unconditionally.

This is my brother-in-love, Dwade, with my sister Debra and their son, Adam.This pic is a few years old. It's dad gummed HARD to get a good picture of these two together!

My other brother-in-love, Ricky, who is my sister Charlotte's husband.
Here he is with his granddaughter, Allyson.
This picture was also taken just last evening at the restaurant.

The hunky guy in this photo is my one and only nephew-in-love, Brian.
Brian is my only niece, Katie's, hubby and the father of these two
wonderful kiddos, Jaden and Alix Joy.
This picture was taken this month when Brian ran a Triathlon in their hometown.

This handsome fella is my oldest nephew, Adam.
Like me, Adam doesn't have living children, but he has a precious baby awaiting him in heaven.

Jared is my second oldest nephew and this lovely lady is his daughter, Allyson.
This was taken a couple of months ago.
Jared loves this baby to pieces and she loves her Daddy!

As you all know by know, this wonderful man is my late hubby, Terry.
Terry is spending his very first Father's Day in heaven with our babies this year!
Happy Father's Day baby! Enjoy our children and tell them Momma will be there before you know it!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads in my life and to all of the Daddies everywhere!


Grandma Elsie said...

Diane,You are so right.
My husband is also spending fathers day in Heaven with our oldest daughter.
I have slept maybe 2 hours.. but I will nap this afternoon after church,
Bless you today.
Elsie <><

bj said...

You are blessed to still have your dad around but, I know that YOU know that already! :)
Please give him an extra hug and wish him a Happy Father's Day.
xo bj

Samantha said...

Happy Fathers Day to all of these great dads ! Love you dear Diane !!

Trish said...

Di...What a lovely tribute to all of the men in your life! Praying for you Dear one...Wow! Terry is with your beautiful!