Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Poetry Corner

Thank you for dropping in to join me for Wednesday Poetry Corner. This weekly meme is hosted by Donna at By His Grace Alone. Please drop in on Donna to read her entry and to find links to others who have made entires, as well.

My submission for this week is below.

Until He Comes For Me

Alone and lonely, it seems my lot these days
Always empty, always afraid.

Ever aware of God's goodness and grace
Never too far from His shining face.

How can it be that my life is thus;
I never planned for this curse.

Where did I overlook this part of life;
How could I have known I would no longer be his wife?

It seemed I was prepared for all to come,
I spent months praying and learning from some.

Yet nothing could have helped me understand
How lost I would feel when he last touched my hand.

My head knows he's better to be with our Lord,
But my heart doesn't yet feel the same accord.

I know it will all come to me as days progress;
I'll once again be able to feel happiness.

For now I'm lonely, and thus it seems
This is my life, the end of my dreams.

I wait for Jesus and long for His face to see,
For with He and my husband is where I long be.

So I will live while the time prolongs
Until Jesus comes to take me home.

I'll choose happiness and content to be,
Serving my Lord until He comes for me.

Diane Chandler
June 16, 2009

Thank you Donna, for hosting this meme. I haven't written poetry in a very long time and am more than just a bit rusty! I am enjoying the challenge of getting into it again.


Grandma Elsie said...

I too used to write a bit but have not in years.
I can not bring my self to post to my blog although I have new Hawaii pictures from my son . Tuesday my oldest daughter was gone home 41 years. She was killed by a drunk driver and was 4 years 9 months old.
I tried to stay busy and out and about all day but evening time came and I found my self at the piano playing ,in the sweet by and by , I know she & her daddy are together now but I miss them both so much. Seems my grief for one bonds together with the grief for the other..
then I had a nightmare last night,which I seldom dream .I awoke and was calling the name of Jesus..
Yet it is raining today and I need to just go out and take pictures of my flowers ,since I bought a camera , Look at the flowers and think how my family in heaven are blooming so sweetly and beautifully.

Marinela said...

Your web page is gorgeous :)
Enjoyed your poems :)

Samantha said...

I love this poem Diane, it is beautiful !
Blessing to you, love you !!

Terry said...

dear diane...all of your suffering the last year has produced this heart wrenching poem...oh it is so good and it is so nice that you have shared your heart's feelings with all of us AGAIN!!!!
love terry

ps ...we need you diane and the lord knows that...

Kathy P said...

What a beautifully tender expression of love and faith. I think sometimes poetry helps us understand ourselves better.

donna said...

Diane your poem is beautifully written....thank you again for joining with me in poetry writing...I am blessed.

love to you

Trish said...

I feel your heart, Dear friend...
beautiful words!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful poem, thank you for sharing it! I would like to share it with my mom, she has also felt every word you have written over the last year.

God Bless..