Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Poetry Corner

Today I am participating in a brand new meme! I am so excited to join Donna at By His Grace Alone for Wednesday Poetry Corner. Drop by to visit Donna to find others participating, as well.

The object of the weekly WPC is for each of us to post original poetry penned by our own hands, or to post poetry we enjoy penned by others. My late husband, Terry, penned my offering for today.

Terry was a 'south paw', so you might find it difficult to read his handwriting. Just to be sure, I have translated it below. (No offense intended to others who may be 'lefties' as well!!) This was tucked into two red roses. The occasion was Valentine's Day, 1974, our very first Valentine's Day together. This was BEFORE he asked me to marry him. He had such a romantic soul!

To Di
Our love is like these roses,
Together we shall grow and be beautiful,
Apart we shall slowly die.
Love, Terry

In keeping with the ideas of poetry, love and romance, I would like to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my niece, Katie, and my nephew-in-love, Brian. Brian and Katie were married on June 10, 2000; today is their 9th anniversary! I love you guys and I pray you have many, many more wonderful years together!

Mr. & Mrs. Brian K. Eppers
June 10, 2000

Ahhhhhh, young love!!!!

Brian and Katie cut the Groom's Cake.
It was toooo cute, a picture of Brian as a little boy!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my first Wednesday Poetry Corner post. Be sure to drop by and tell Donna how much you appreciate her hosting this meme. Have a blessed day!


Trish said...

Oh Diane...your Terry was a Romantic,how beautiful. And at such a young are blessed to have shared such a love.
Here in the North we don't have a Groom's Cake...I always admire them, when I've been to the wedding's of my Tennessee relatives!
Happy Anniversary to this sweet couple and many more filled with love and Joy!
Lots of Love,

donna said...

This is a beautiful post...your Terry was a sweetie. Happy anniversary to the young couple...

thank you for joining Wednesday Poetry Corner...I know your posts will be a blessing to others...

love you

snowflakes said...

Awww, Aunt Di, thanks for sharing. Thanks for posting those pictures. I think you are the only one who has that pic of us kissing under the tree, the photographer didn't even get one. It is my favorite. Thanks to all the readers who wish us well. We are very aware that making it these nine years is, by today's standards, somewhat similar to running a marathon. Thanks for sharing. We are very happy! Love you!

Samantha said...

What a romantic guy Terry was !!
How precious this is, absolutely beautiful, so touching.
Congratulations to Katie and Brian on 9 yrs., hard to believe, these kids grow up to fast !
Love this post, blessings to you sweet one !

Pam said...

That was so sweet. As a fellow lefty, I have to say we are all creative and thoughtful. : )

Crown of Beauty said...

What a beautiful poem, Diane. I was misty eyed reading it. The words are so true! Apart we slowly die...

What a motivation love gives us, love is what we feed on.

And what lovely pictures of your niece... Congratulations! Nine years is a feat indeed.

Lorrene said...

It's sometimes the small things that mean the most to us. Such as a little poem truly coming straight from the heart.
It is beautiful.

bj said...

Oh what sweet words Terry wrote for you. I know you miss him so much. What a blessing to have had such a sweet man in your life.
Thanks for coming by today..sorry you are having tummy trouble..I had it last week...uggg

Montee said...

I know Terry loved you so. I have kept all the things Phillip has written to me. I like to look at them every now and then. So sweet.

Brian and Katie made a beautiful bride and groom.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Such a sweet post Dianne.Hubby and I both are south paws.

Mary RC said...

What a lovely poem. And how sweet you've saved it all these years.
Thanks for being my swap partner. And tell Olga my necklace is perfect! I'm wearing as we speak! My kids were so anxious to tear into the package, I couldn't find the camera and they were running around trying to find it. It was quite a comotion. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to getting to know you. Xoxo Mary RC