Saturday, April 25, 2009

Precious Samantha over at Sweet Southern Journey has honored me with this wonderful award! Please drop in and visit Samantha. She is a precious Christian lady who loves her Lord, her family and keeping her home. I know you will be blessed by a visit to her place.

In order to accept this award, I have to name 7 things I love, so here goes:

1). My Heavenly Father, without whom I could not face my life every day.
2). My precious husband, Terry, and my Momma, who are now with my Lord. I will see them again!
3). My family, who are my anchor in this world since Terry went to be with Jesus.
4). My laptop, because it keeps me in touch with all of you!
5). Old pictures, whether I know the subjects or not. I just love to imagine how their life was!
6). History and genealogy. I love knowing where and who I came from.
7). Music, which I am rediscovering since Terry's death. It seems my life was so busy with taking care of him that I had no time for other things. I am enjoying finding music again.

Well, there are my 7! I'm not tagging anyone. If you follow my blog, I'd love to challenge each of you to take the award and tell us about your 7. God bless you all!


jeanne said...

Good morning Diane, congrats on your award. Well deserved. Your seven is a nice read. This is how we learn something more about our blogging friends.

Have a great weekend...Hugs, Jeanne

Felisol said...

Hi, Diane,
I went over to welcome you to the sisterhood, and found out that you are a lovely person,- as expected!
have a nice week-end.
From felisol

Pam said...

I enjoyed reading your list. I, too, look forward to seeing my mom again. : )
I am interested in history and genealogy, but not exactly sure where to start to do the research.
I have some family trees that others have collected.
Also, thanks for praying for my daughter. It is much appreciated!

ann said...

great answers dear....ann

Raggedy Girl said...

I love your...what you love list.

Happy Pink Saturday
from the Raggedy Girl-Roberta Anne

Samantha said...

Diane, thanks for sharing your list, it really touched my heart.
It will be a beautiful day when we are reunited with our loved ones.
You are such a sweetheart, have a very blessed Saturday.
Thanks for accepting the award !!

Mrs. Mac said...

I bet you had a hard time deciding what seven things to post. I too like to look at old photos and imagine what took place just prior and after the picture was taken (the way it's done in the movies sometimes ;) Just recently I purchased a tin type of a beautiful Native American Indian girl (about two years of age) ... she's all decked out in her finest.

Thanks for sharing your list of love.

Lori said...

Hey Diane! I enjoyed reading your list. I'm just like you in some ways...I love old pictures too...whether I know who the people in the photos are, or not! :) There's just something about old pictures. Genealogy? My 17 year old son has done some family research...we found out some, well, let's just say some "interesting" things! LOL!
Seriously though, it's all very interesting. Hope you have a great Saturday evening and a wonderful Lord's day tomorrow!

oma aka meme said...

Hello- friend-- I will have to do the seven things soon- just wanted to say hello and have a wonder week- I think of you often-the Lord has given us one day at a time -
hugs from Meme